This page lists the course requirements. Further details (and deadlines) are forthcoming.

  • Library assignment (25%): choose a writer we are studying, determine the UNB library holdings, determine what editions are available, and make a case to the Acquisitions department.
  • Wikipedia revision/entry (25%): choose a writer we are studying and evaluate and/or rewrite the Wikipedia entry on her, if one exists. If one does not, draft one.
  • Presentation (20%): a presentation to the group, either singly or with up to two partners
  • Blogging (20%)each student will maintain a blog in which they discuss the course each week.
  • Participation (10%): this is a seminar course. All are expected to attend, to have finished the readings, and to participate in discussions both in class and on-line.

NEW: Here are some examples of successful assignments.